DIY Ceiling Lamp

DIY: Ceiling Lamp - A DIY two-piece ceiling lamp that is customizable, requires no tools, and is transportable after you move!

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m feeling extra dorky because I’m super excited to talk about ceiling lamps! Normally, the topic of ceiling fixtures wouldn’t have me very giddy, but this DIY ceiling lamp hack is so easy, stylish, and damage free (I’m talking to you renters), I have to share. Continue Reading

10 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

10 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Honeymoon - Planning a Honeymoon? Read this first.

Back in July, a month before our wedding, I sat down with Steven to discuss honeymoon possibilities. Europe? A tropical island? Do we even want to have one? At the time, booking a honeymoon was just another component of my wedding to-do list, and the idea of finding a place, spending more money, and dealing with the additional packing on top of the wedding stressed me out. Overwhelmed, we decided to push the topic aside to deal with later.

Two weeks went by, and the idea of a honeymoon was still in my mind. I knew I’d regret not having one, and I also knew that if we didn’t plan one now, it might never happen. I decided to revisit the topic and get something on the calendar. After discussing various options, we narrowed our search to Hawaii and from there chose Maui. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but Steven lived in Maui before we met (ironically, in a house five minutes from our resort) and had a list of his favorite restaurants, tourist attractions, and beaches for us to visit. We chose a date two months out, found a resort, and booked the trip, just two weeks before the wedding!

Well, now it’s November, and we just got back from our honeymoon last week! We had so much fun and I wanted to share some advice on planning a honeymoon. These are half tips we followed, and half tips we wish we’d followed, so learn from our mistakes! Here are my top 10 “must do’s” when planning a honeymoon: Continue Reading

Best Ever Chili Soup Recipe

Best Ever Chili Soup - healthy, but savory, and perfect for the chilly months! Fast and easy recipe perfect for family dinner!

Warning: This soup is can’t stop eating addicting. Whenever I make this recipe I find myself going back for thirds and fourths even though I’m stuffed because it’s that good! To be fair, I’m sort of known as a soup girl by my friends because from the ages of 22-25 almost every day I ate soup for dinner. My soup of choice was store bought chicken corn chowder or baked potato soup, and it never got old. My maid of honor even mentioned in her toast at our wedding how the only time she saw me in the kitchen was to heat up a bowl of soup!

I’ve since expanded my dinner selections after realizing my body isn’t going to be able to sustain living on this nutritionally lacking meal plan. In fact my eating habits were (and often still are) similar to a child on Halloween night – lots of sugar. I think the problem started in my upbringing and can be narrowed down to my mom’s love of candy. Growing up, we always had a bowl of M&M’s out on the counter, our own designated candy drawers, a candy dispenser on the wall, an abundance of homemade cookies, and were like celebrities at the local candy store that we frequented at least once a week. These habits I’ve carried throughout my entire life, but for the sake of my husband who wasn’t trained to eat this way, I’ve slowly been trying to change my habits. There’s no way I’m cutting out candy anytime soon, so the first option has been to change my dinner meals.

I love this chili soup because it makes a huge batch you can eat all week, and it contains vegetables without feeling like I’m eating vegetables (you know what I’m talking about). Also, since it’s homemade, the soup doesn’t contain a bunch of preservatives and things you would find in store bought soups! It’s healthy, but savory, and perfect for the chilly months! Continue Reading

Halloween Spooky Spider Treats

Halloween Spooky Spider Treats Recipe

Steven and I spent the beginning of our weekend prepping for what forecasters warned would be a “historic storm”. We were told to brace ourselves for 60mph winds and the possibility for long term power outages!  At first I wasn’t too concerned. If the power went out I would just stay indoors, read a book, and eventually venture out to a nearby restaurant for food. Growing up in Connecticut, everyone had generators so I assumed Seattle would too. Steven quickly informed me that this wasn’t the case, and we found ourselves heading out to Fred Meyer Friday afternoon to prep. Continue Reading

15 Ideas to Help You Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

15 Ideas to Help You Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams - Want to know how to make your wedding the best day ever? Let me share.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and it’s easy to become overwhelmed as your wedding day approaches. I got engaged in November 2015 and had just 9 months to plan the wedding of my dreams. The beginning of the planning process I was full steam ahead making planners, filling my Pinterest boards with ideas, and setting up vendor meetings. The adrenaline and excitement kept me going for the first few months, but as the big day approached, and all the main events had been scheduled I felt my motivation dragging.

At this point my wedding was like a brand new model home. It was gorgeous, had all the necessities, and was even styled in the colors, fabrics, and furniture that matched my style, but it was missing life. It was missing the personal touches that make a home, or in my case wedding, Alisha’s wedding – not just anyone’s.

Did I need to really add more? The answer is YES! With the help of many ice coffees I got back to work adding details that helped make my wedding more personal, and I’m so happy I did. We had numerous wedding guests tell us our wedding was “magical” and “the best wedding they had ever been to”! I believe it was the personal touches that really helped the day feel intimate and extra special. Want to know how to make your wedding the best day ever? Let me share.

Continue Reading

DIY Wooden Wedding Sign

DIY Wooden Wedding Sign - Let's talk wooden signs. Whether its online, in stores, an inspirational quote, or for a wedding - these signs are everywhere and surprising not to difficult to make!

Let’s talk wooden signs. Whether its online, in stores, an inspirational quote, or for a wedding – these signs are everywhere and surprising not to difficult to make! Before the days of Etsy, I began making wooden signs in high school with inspirational phrases such as “live laugh love,” and more recently (with the help of Steven and my mom) made one for my wedding. Continue Reading

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas - Update your decorative objects & figurines, fill cases with fall leaves and lights!

Decorating for each season can seem overwhelming, expensive, and hard to know where to start. A big concern for me was clutter. How do I update my home for the season without adding too much to the current décor already in place? The secret is to invest in year round décor staples that can be easily updated for each season or holiday. Today I wanted to share with you my favorite ways to easily transition your home décor into fall.

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How to Plan an Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

How to plan an unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

As one of the first of my friends to get married, I haven’t had the opportunity to attend many weddings and had never even been to a rehearsal dinner until I hosted my own this past August! While the concept of a wedding is very straightforward to me, I didn’t understand the broader purpose of a rehearsal dinner. I thought the rehearsal dinner was just an unnecessary, but  due to etiquette, an unavoidable expense of hosting a dinner for your wedding party, out of town guests, and family.  I spent some time researching the topic online and found tons of articles describing décor, themes, invitations, and the overall planning of the event which was helpful, but still left me wondering the purpose of this dinner. Was there a deeper meaning to this event? Do I really need to have one? In short, yes! Let me explain. Continue Reading

Twenty Fun Fall Activities

Twenty Fun Fall Activities - Pumpkin carving, ghost tour, apple picking, mulled wine, cooking classes, fall leaves, hayride, corn maze

Confession. I don’t like the taste of pumpkin (including pumpkin spiced lattes) and fall wasn’t always my favorite season. In truth, it placed 3rd or 4th the entirety of my life, with summer holding strong in the number one spot. That is until now. Perhaps it is the crisp air and changing leaves, or maybe the release of my new favorite drink, Starbucks’s Chile Mocha, but something changed this year that moved fall into my new favorite season!

To celebrate this change and embrace all that fall has to offer, I’ve compiled a list of new and old fun fall activities to share with you today. Try them all or try a few and who knows? Maybe fall will become your new favorite season (if it’s not already)! Continue Reading