Gift Guide: Personalized Gift Ideas

Gift Guide: Personalized Gift Ideas

Today’s gift guide is all about personalized gifts that are unique, thoughtful, and often one of a kind. I love giving and receiving personalized gifts because it shows that the gift was carefully chosen and often has a special meaning. If you want to step up your gift game this year or if you are looking for a gift for that person who has everything, try a personalized gift. There are many options in all different price ranges, so that you are sure to find something for everyone on your list!

1. Location Coordinate Gift
A location coordinate gift is an item that displays the latitude and longitude for one or more locations on a sign, necklace, keychain or other item of your choice. The locations could be places you lived, where your children were born, your favorite places to visit or where you were married. It depends on who is receiving the gift! This gift is unique and special because only a few will know the meaning behind the locations displayed.

2. Subscription Boxes
Nowadays, you can find subscription boxes for anything and everything! There are boxes for beauty lovers, fitness fanatics, coffee drinkers, book worms, and even wine connoisseurs. Find a box and choose either a few months or a year subscription depending on your price range.

3. Monogrammed Gift
Being a newlywed, my name recently changed and so did my initials (meaning all my previously monogrammed belongings have to go)! Monogrammed gifts are great for a newlywed like me, as well as for anyone special in your life. Monogram a bag, throw blanket, mugs, or any item of your choosing.

4. Frame a Photo
As wedding gifts for our parents, we printed out our engagement photos and framed them in nice picture frames. This is a great idea for parents, but I would suggest not giving a framed picture of yourself to anyone else. Instead, try a photo of you and a friend, or perhaps you took a nice photo of a couple that you can add to a frame instead!

5. Inspirational Quotes & Prints
I love inspirational quotes, as long as they relate to my life. I would recommend this type of gift, only if you know the person really well and know that a certain quote or phrase is meaningful to them. A while back, I gave my husband a print that says, “You’re my lobster,” because it has a special meaning in our relationship. If you are unsure if the person will like the print, I would recommend not going this route for a gift.

6. Concert, Show, Event Tickets
Purchase tickets to a special event, concert, game, or show that you know a friend would enjoy. Get two tickets so they don’t have to go alone (with the option for you or another to join them), and make sure their schedule is already clear for the date of the event!

7. Christmas Ornament
A personalized ornament is a great gift for anyone celebrating a “first” such as a newlywed’s first Christmas or a newborn baby. This is a special way to celebrate an important milestone in someone’s life and is a gift that can be used for a lifetime.

8. Newlyweds & Engaged Couples
For newlywed and engaged couples, I think it’s fun to give gifts that incorporate their last name (or soon to be last name) as a way to represent their newly established family. As wedding gifts, we received a personalized cutting board, as well as a Mr. & Mrs. pillow with our last name. These gifts are great for the holidays, as well as for wedding gifts!

9. Gift Basket
If you are feeling crafty, purchase a basket or bin, and fill it with themed gift items. You could do a basket for coffee lovers (mugs, coffee beans, flavored syrups, coffee maker), or even a dog themed basket with treats, toys, bandana, and new leash! Alternatively, you could purchase a premade gift basket or box.



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