Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

Back in October, I shared how to easily decorate your home for fallToday, I wanted to show how to transition and update the same fall décor for the holidays. Instead of just including images of the new holiday decor, I decided to also add images of the fall decor, so you can visually see the decorating process. This also helps to show what pieces are reused, and what items get updated for the season. Christmas is a magical time of year and brings out my favorite decorations!

Pillows & ThrowsDecorating Your Home For The HolidaysIn the past, I made the mistake of investing in decorative pillows, and not pillowcases. Since most of the pillows were holiday specific, they had to be stored when not in use, and took up a lot of space. Realizing this was not the best approach, I got rid of the pillows, purchased some pillow inserts, and started to invest in decorative pillowcases. The cases take up little space and are easily stored in a drawer. To transition into the holidays, the neutral knit pillows and throw from fall were kept out, and the leaf pillowcases were replaced with red pillows. This Christmas tree pillowcase is one of my favorites!

Fireplace MantelDecorating Your Home For The HolidaysThe easiest way to update your mantel for the holidays is to hang stockings. Once the holidays are over, you can fill up the space by adding a wreath (similar to how the fall mantel is decorated). Greenery was added to the mantel and candlesticks to update the look. 

Decorative Glass VaseDecorating Your Home For The HolidaysI love this glass vase because it stays out all year, but its contents get updated for each season. For the holidays, the vase is filled with festive ornaments but could also be filled with greenery or pinecones to last throughout winter. This is a great way to decorate, without adding additional clutter to your home!

Plants, Flowers, & GreeneryDecorating Your Home For The HolidaysReplace your fall leaves or flowers with evergreen branches or Poinsettias. For the vase, look for a style that is simple and neutral toned, so you can use it all year long.

Table Decor & CenterpieceDecorating Your Home For The HolidaysTo save money and storage space, invest in items that can be used year round or for multiple seasons. For the holidays, the glass vases, candle votives, and pinecones from fall were reused to create a new table centerpiece. To update the look, the mercury pumpkins were replaced with mercury trees, and the other décor was replaced by the same greenery used to decorate the mantel. The table runner was replaced with a festive red runner, which matches the holiday pillows in the living room.

My Santa Mug
Decorating Your Home For The Holidays
My most treasured item for the holidays is my Santa mug. I received the mug as a Christmas gift when I was 4, and even with a large collection of holiday mugs, it is always my first choice! Instead of hiding the mugs away in a cabinet, they can be put out on decorative tray to create your own unique holiday decor. Do you have a special holiday item or decor piece? Find a way to showcase it for the holidays!

Decorating Your Home For The HolidaysWhen decorating for any season, it’s important to create a cohesive look throughout your home. This can be achieved by choosing a main theme color for the season’s décor, along with one or two accent colors. For winter, you can see that the main décor color is red, and the accent colors are green and silver. Make sure to decide your color theme before heading to the stores or else it can be very overwhelming and easy to get off track. 

Another way to create a unified look in your home is to display the same accent pieces in multiple areas. The mercury trees are used as table décor, as well as on the kitchen island, and the greenery is displayed on the mantel, table, and large vase. Also, the table runner has the same Christmas tree pattern as the couch pillows. Just like with colors, you don’t want to have to many different types of décor pieces, or else is can start to look cluttered. Most importantly, decorate in a style that matches your lifestyle and personality! 


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