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10 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

10 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Honeymoon - Planning a Honeymoon? Read this first.

Back in July, a month before our wedding, I sat down with Steven to discuss honeymoon possibilities. Europe? A tropical island? Do we even want to have one? At the time, booking a honeymoon was just another component of my wedding to-do list, and the idea of finding a place, spending more money, and dealing with the additional packing on top of the wedding stressed me out. Overwhelmed, we decided to push the topic aside to deal with later.

Two weeks went by, and the idea of a honeymoon was still in my mind. I knew I’d regret not having one, and I also knew that if we didn’t plan one now, it might never happen. I decided to revisit the topic and get something on the calendar. After discussing various options, we narrowed our search to Hawaii and from there chose Maui. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but Steven lived in Maui before we met (ironically, in a house five minutes from our resort) and had a list of his favorite restaurants, tourist attractions, and beaches for us to visit. We chose a date two months out, found a resort, and booked the trip, just two weeks before the wedding!

Well, now it’s November, and we just got back from our honeymoon last week! We had so much fun and I wanted to share some advice on planning a honeymoon. These are half tips we followed, and half tips we wish we’d followed, so learn from our mistakes! Here are my top 10 “must do’s” when planning a honeymoon: Continue Reading

Halloween Spooky Spider Treats

Halloween Spooky Spider Treats Recipe

Steven and I spent the beginning of our weekend prepping for what forecasters warned would be a “historic storm”. We were told to brace ourselves for 60mph winds and the possibility for long term power outages!  At first I wasn’t too concerned. If the power went out I would just stay indoors, read a book, and eventually venture out to a nearby restaurant for food. Growing up in Connecticut, everyone had generators so I assumed Seattle would too. Steven quickly informed me that this wasn’t the case, and we found ourselves heading out to Fred Meyer Friday afternoon to prep. Continue Reading

Twenty Fun Fall Activities

Twenty Fun Fall Activities - Pumpkin carving, ghost tour, apple picking, mulled wine, cooking classes, fall leaves, hayride, corn maze

Confession. I don’t like the taste of pumpkin (including pumpkin spiced lattes) and fall wasn’t always my favorite season. In truth, it placed 3rd or 4th the entirety of my life, with summer holding strong in the number one spot. That is until now. Perhaps it is the crisp air and changing leaves, or maybe the release of my new favorite drink, Starbucks’s Chile Mocha, but something changed this year that moved fall into my new favorite season!

To celebrate this change and embrace all that fall has to offer, I’ve compiled a list of new and old fun fall activities to share with you today. Try them all or try a few and who knows? Maybe fall will become your new favorite season (if it’s not already)! Continue Reading