Alisha ChristineHello! I’m Alisha and welcome to my happy place! I started West Coast Lobster as a way to share my life along with the things I love: DIY projects, weddings, recipes, beauty, fashion, and home décor.

Why West Coast Lobster?

The name West Coast Lobster originated from two big changes in my life – my marriage and move from the east coast to west. Let me start with the meaning behind lobster.

My husband and I love the TV show Friends. Before we were married, we were watching the show and Phoebe started talking about lobsters. She stated “it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life,” and due to this reason, Ross and Rachel were each others “lobsters”. This episode created the famous “You’re my Lobster”, phrase which has played a large role in our relationship. So much that when my husband proposed, he had engraved the inside of my ring with “You’re my lobster”.

West Coast was added in front of “Lobster,” to represent my move to Seattle from the east coast back in 2011. My family moved around a lot growing up, but I spent the majority of my life in Connecticut. When I moved to Seattle it was a huge lifestyle change and I felt out of place in my preppy clothes and outspoken, sarcastic personality. Lobsters, like me, are from New England and are not common to the west coast. While I’ve adjusted over time to Seattle life, I still at times feel like a west coast lobster!

About Alisha Christine

Raised in Connecticut, I’m an east coast girl at heart, but currently reside just outside of Seattle with my handsome husband. I’m a coffee lover by day, wine lover by night (and sometimes day), aspiring dog owner, newlywed, and self-appointed ice cream queen. I love decorating, baking, and dressing up for all holidays. If I’m having a bad day a trip to Petco to look at all the animals cheers me up. I eat way too much candy, and I’m never without a party size bag of M&M’s. Organizing makes me happy and I never leave the house without making the bed. I hope my site can inspire you and bring happiness to your day!

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